Coworking: defined by others as the practice of sharing an office with random strangers rather than working by yourself at home. Defined by 3mile as a place to inspire entrepreneurship, support fledgling founders, keep commuters connected, take the edge off the loneliness of running your own company and learn more about the art of good business.

Our mission at 3Mile is to:

  • Inspire entrepreneurship, uncover fledgling enterprises and encourage them

  • Boost economic development for Carterton, Masterton, Featherston, Martinborough and the wider ‘Rapa

  • Support existing businesses to grow sustainably.

We’re a community enterprise, despite being a limited liability company for now.  We don't operate like a commercial operation, and are committed to NotForProfit principles - pricing our services to ensure viability but not profits.  Everything that’s happening is because of donations, sponsorship, some underwriting from M-C and the team and sheer voluntary awesomeness! 

We are open 930am - 5:30pm, Monday to Friday.  As our membership grows, our hours will too - we anticipate 24/7 access eventually.  We have two large areas to choose from - the front space has hot and permanent desks, huddle spaces, coffee, internet, social spaces, meetups and events.  The back space has dedicated meeting rooms, a kitchen and more hot desks.

Why 3Mile?  Well, as Carterton's founding name, we thought it a good choice for the space that will hopefully inspire future founders.