Membership Options

Our space is a place for commuters, coworkers and community to connect.  That's a lot of words beginning with c and a lofty vision too.  We're going to keep a mix of people who want to use the space as their permanent desk, those who need to drop in casually for good coffee, and everyone else in between.  As our space evolves, the options will do too, so check back here often.

What's included? 

All our options (except the Content & Community pass) include

  • access to the space Monday - Friday from 9:30am until 5:30pm.
  • internet access
  • ability to make your own barista coffee
  • meeting table
  • access to the membership portal to find other entrepreneurs to help you
  • free access to all our events
  • advice from our onsite concierge

Our fixed full time option includes a locker and a coffee cup, other membership options can add those for an additional fee.  View a 360 of our space here

We expect all our members - whether dropping in for the day or setting up full time, to abide by our Code of Conduct, accept our Privacy Policy and conform to the Network Terms of Service.  Any questions on those, email

Casual Drop In Options:  One Day or Half Day: 

Turn up, sit down, open laptop, connect to wireless, make coffee and work!

10 Trip Tickets:  Full Days or Half Days:

They don't expire, so purchase up front for peace of mind. 

Part time Desk: 1 day or 2 days a week:

If you're confident you'll be using the space regularly - this option is paid monthly for a min 3 months.

Full Time Desk:  Fixed or Hot

Because you don't want your own office, be with us!  Both include coffee cup, fixed includes locker

Content and Community Ten Trip Ticket

Come to our workshops  - the best way to connect if you're not ready to be a member yet!