From the ridiculous to the sublime

So ten weeks ago the 3mile coworking space looked like this.  Inspiring. 

So much potential.  And that's what our team saw - thanks to the huge renovating efforts of Carly Webber, Peter Veltkamp, Rob Stockley, Mike Dawes, Minty Hunter, Nick Perkins, Sean McAuley, Rebecca Vergunst, Roger Tweedy and Shanell Christian the paint went on (and on), the furniture was unpacked, screw A went into socket B a thousand times, the lights went up and TA DA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is phase 1.  10 seated desks, 2 standing desks, 2 sofa meeting areas, 1 meeting table.  One awesome coffee machine, a fridge for the wine (and milk and sammies of course) and respectably fast, reliable internet.  We are OPEN FOR BUSINESS and look forward to seeing you soon.


Thank you to the amazing Nick Perkins from Technology Solutions for the 360 Videos!