Code of Conduct (for people and Dogs!)

3Mile Coworking Code of Conduct

To create a positive and safe environment, we've outlined a code of conduct for everyone who uses the coworking space. This includes not only the use of communal desk space but also the use of meeting rooms and the participation (either as an attendee or an organiser) of any events taking place on our premises.


The aim of 3Mile is to help entrepreneurs to start,  run and grow their business, providing a space to create, and collaborate and concentrate and to encourage other business owners in the Wairarapa to connect with each other and learn.

Expected behaviour

By respecting the space and each other, you can benefit from a great working environment plus also contribute to the success of 3Mile for everyone. Please:

  • Leave desks, break-out areas and meeting rooms as you found them

  • Eat food at your desk, the sofas or in huddle spaces but avoid smelly food

  • Put all rubbish in the bins, recycling in the tubs and organic waste in…the organic bin!

  • Clear up all your messes and wash up all your cups/plates

  • Do not sleep on the premises, you'll be rudely awoken!

  • Use headphones to make calls as far as possible, keep your volume low

  • Do not do anything illegal on the premises, we won't bail you out of prison

  • Refrain from abusive, discriminatory, harassing, intimidating or derogatory behaviour and speech towards all other co-working members or 3Mile staff

  • Be mindful of those around you. If you witness unacceptable behaviour (of any degree) or someone in distress, help if you can or report it to a coworking colleague our our team.

  • Be mindful of our neighbours - don't leave anything gross in the toilets, don't make massive noise along your way to the toilets, don't traipse through their shop on your way to your desk etc.

Use of facilities

  • Locker keys remain the property of 3Mile Ltd and must be returned on the final day of the membership subscription period, failure to do so will result in a charge

  • Appropriate use of the internet is expected - be mindful of downloading files that may slow down the wifi and try and avoid excessive or unnecessary use (e.g. streaming Netflix all day in Super HD)

  • Guests are welcome if you buy them a day pass - for fire and safety reasons, ID may be required

The 3Mile team reserves the right to eject anyone from the premises if they are suspected of breaching these terms.  Ejections are final for that day, and disputes can be requested via email at