Community, community, community

So you’ve set-up your perfect home office, you can send emails in your dressing gown, and bring in the washing if it looks like a storm’s on its way.

So why should you join a coworking community?

We’re often asked this question because at first glance, coworking seems to negate the reasons why you’ve chosen to work from home! And let’s face it … working from home is brilliant, in fact most of us at 3mile work from home, and for some of us it’s the very reason we moved away from the city!


So here’s a few reasons why we think you should give coworking a try:

- Regardless of whether you work for yourself, or for a company, coworking gives you the ability to tap into the minds and experiences of others across different industries. Where else would you work sitting right next to an accountant, web developer, an immigration consultant, and a partnership manager? Or how about a resource planner, graphic designer and a construction company owner?

- They say in life you don’t know what you don’t know. Coworking forces you to break though the “industry bubbles” and “echo chambers” we can all get trapped in.

- While working from home sounds idealistic, it does blur the boundaries between work and life. So what sound like benefits, may in reality get in the way of your productivity … so getting out of the house for a day or 2 a week, just to get your book keeping done (or one of those other pesky jobs you never seem to get around to do) is a real benefit of coworking, plus the accountant you happen to be sitting next to might just solve that pesky tax question you had.

Because of the diversity of members within a coworking community, the communities tend to become the professional business hubs of the community. Actually hearing and seeing the impact of you and your coworker’s activities have on the local community is a reward you simply wouldn’t get while working in a traditional office. So next time the mayor or local MP drops by, they might just say “Thanks” for all your hard work … nice!

So the strength and success of any community is it’s members, and as our 3mile membership grows, the better we become at helping you and your business grow.

If you’re curious about coworking just drop into 3mile, we’re right next door to Take Note on the High Street. Say Peter invited you and enjoy a free day at 3mile … and if you find coworking might just be the thing for you, we have a winter special on our popular full day 10 trip tickets, buy one for just $270 and you’ll save $50! Plus you’ll get unlimited barista style coffee, fast internet and the opportunity to work alongside a banker, company CEO, and management consultant.

But maybe leave the dressing gown just for home!