Coworking = Coffee = Community

It's true.  Entrepreneurs have 84% caffeine running through their veins*.  So one of our top priorities (electricity? a floor? no!) has been to confirm our coffee supplies.

It was also really important to us to support our community - in the way that you're all doing for 3mile - and happily, we've found the perfect solution.

We'll be serving up three unique coffee flavours specially made for IT Heavy Hitters.  In this way, we're supporting their charity - Key to Life.  

If you already know our team member, Mike Dawes, you'll know about ITHH (he's probably tried to recruit you into the ring several times!) If not - IT Heavy Hitters was developed by Mike in late 2013 following the suicide of his boxing coach in Upper Hutt. The event takes tech professionals on a zero to hero and fat to fit journey for 14 weeks and puts them into the ring to box in front of over 1000 people.  Since the first event in 2014, IT Heavy Hitters has raised over $209,000 for the Key to Life Charitable Trust.  KTL is fronted by ex-comedian Mike King who focuses the trust through school and community educational talks on positive societal attitudinal change around suicide and removing the stigma associated with mental health.

Here are the flavours you can expect - and if you want to order some too, please do!  Just email the team ( and your craving will be satisfied in no time.

The flavours:

Southpaw: It's not the same as the rest, a bit different, unorthodox and fighty.  Heavyweight: We're heavy hitters after all, it's our DNA and what we do. Hope: We're in the business of giving hope, and that's the key to life especially when you're suicidal.

300gm $ 12.00 incl GST, 500gm $ 19.00 incl GST, 1kg $ 38.00 incl GST.  Local delivery is free. Courier charges vary from $3 - $8 depending on locality and quantity.

Onwards, powered by fabulous coffee and doing our small part to support a cause we care about.

*absolute fact, source unknown