T minus about six weeks - "No pressure No Diamonds"

Our landlord has a LOT to do to get the space ready for us to move in, in the first week of March and boy there's a heap for our team to do then to get it ready.  But then, I've always loved this line from Thomas Carlyle:

no pressure.jpg

To motivate us, and to help with the space planning, the team at Technology Solutions have created this awesome 360 view of our space.  Here's the front - which is Phase 1 - we'll fill this with our concierge desk, hot desks, permanent desks and huddle spaces, sofas and a coffee machine!  We have our eye on some seriously stylish desks, sofas and rugs....watch this space for an update on those, once confirmed!

Oh - it's not just a white wall - use the controls to look all around, don't forget upwards to the skylight! 

Here's the rear portion of the building, which will be Phase 2.  We'll have a kitchen and breakout space here, lockers, huddle spaces, dedicated and bookable meeting rooms and more desks.  If we can raise sponsorship, we'll also have soundproof pods in here too :)

If you're struggling to quiiiiiiite see it (we know, it's a challenge!) check out M-C's live walkthroughs on our Facebook page here.  And if you've anything to donate to bring this vision to life, we'd love to hear from you.  Contact us anytime.