We made the papers!

3mile made the papers this week, thanks to the Wairarapa Times-Age for spending time with us to get the inside news.  Our favourite snippets: 

"The Carterton space will become one of 13,800 coworking spaces globally, boasting over 1.1 million members. It will be exactly the same, just smaller and perfectly formed.”

" The Mayor, John Booth said he was very excited about the project – filling the empty shop space on High Street was just one positive aspect of the space. He described it as a great opportunity for small businesses in the community to connect with like-minded people as well as promoting growth in the region. “One of the really important things in having it located here in Carterton is we do a have a lot of new people who have settled here with really interesting backgrounds – community backgrounds and business backgrounds.“I think this is a wonderful opportunity to help them connect and for other people to be able to learn from them.”"

Source: http://times-age.co.nz/bringing-back-carte...