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On 22 May it's National Co Working Day.  We're celebrating by encouraging everyone to try out our coworking space!  So it's free for a day - just turn up, sit down, plug in and cowork! 

Of course this is space permitting, so if we're chocka when you rock up, sorry!  We'd like you to try out our comfy sofas, get into the vibe, meet your fellow entrepreneurs and of course be convinced that this is your new office, but it's a one-day-deal (for now...!!!)

Terms and Conditions apply of course!  Here they are:

  • You must sign in to our membership database and agree that we can email you to follow up on your experience
  • You'll be expected to adhere to our Code of Conduct, which will be on our wall and in our membership portal for you to view.
  • You must adhere to our membership policies, all of which will be in our membership portal for you.
  • You're welcome to make a coffee or two if you're comfortable with the machine, but that's all folks.
  • It's just for a day - if you come back for a second then HURRAH you're a paying member, supporting this space into sustainability.  Big thank you.

If you can't comply with those then our fabulous team onsite will politely ask you to vacate the premises, but they're not that arduous, right?!

See you soon, and while you're reading, here's how the community would like to welcome you:

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Work from our space

Working from home gets lonely.  Or your internet is so bad it's not an option.  Or you need to host clients and your kitchen don't cut it. Whatever the reason, you can rent space at 3mile with a variety of options and costs.

Hang with your homies

Turnup at our Meetups to learn new skills, refine existing ones, or host one yourself to pass on what you know. Meet fellow coworkers who've got just the skills you need for that business issue you need to solve.


Get connected

Use our space to drop in and get to know who's out there and in here.  Get inspired and ask our team questions, casually enjoy our excellent coffee and see where the conversation takes you and your business idea.