Launching the Entrepreneur Academy!! - for entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs in all sectors.

  • Maybe you’re currently in a non-entrepreneurial business and are thinking it’s time to push the boundaries and get into high growth innovation and scale.  

  • Or maybe you’re working a job and want to find out if you’ve got what it takes to launch into an entrepreneurial venture..

A five module series - the first two modules are free - led by entrepreneurs with an awesome balance of intensity, fun, learning, challenging, participating and problem solving. Facilitated discussions, interspersed with presentations from entrepreneurs from around the country to ‘ask them anything’.

The first two modules will help you decide whether you’ve got what it takes to be an entrepreneur and help you with looking at opportunities and innovations. If you want to go further, we’ll take you through three more modules covering the entrepreneurial process - to see if we can get a venture off the ground.

We won’t teach you basic business skills like marketing and accounting because there are other training providers available in the Greater Wellington Region for that stuff.

Read more here, sign up below or email to chat through the details.

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Module 1 Feb 2019

Entrepreneurial Fitness

In this module, we’ll check your Entrepreneurial Fitness against three measures:

  • Entrepreneurial Mindset

  • Entrepreneurial Motivation

  • Entrepreneurial Behaviour

At the end of this full day module you may elect to finish the course or go forward to the next module.  

Module 2 March 2019

The Problem and the Solution

If you choose to go on to this module, we’ll use our extended and improved version of the La Salle Opportunity Matrix as a foundation to take you through a structured process of thinking about the customer problem and ways of innovatively solving it.

The first two modules do not require explicit payment although a koha contribution to costs is appreciated.


What dates are the modules on? tbc at this stage, register for interest!

How long is the day? We’ll start at 9:30am and finish around 4pm. Full details will be sent on registration.

Do I need business experience? There is no need to have business experience or a formal qualification. We want to encourage and develop anyone who is prepared to put in some time to start with and money later.

How is this different to a business management course? This is complimentary. We’re not teaching the science of business, but unlocking the art of entrepreneurship. It’s a mindset and approach to building high growth innovative businesses. We definitely recommend business management courses once you take your idea to the execution stage and especially if you haven’t owned a business before.

Is there an age requirement? This is for all ages - we want to reach school age people who might be thinking about starting an entrepreneurial business, as well as grown ups!

How much is it? The first two modules are free. The third, fourth and fifth are $600 each and cover multiple sessions in each module.

Where do I go? All the content is delivered at 3Mile, 66 High Street North, Carterton

Who is leading the course? It’s being facilitated by Ron Shaw and Marie-Claire Andrews, both experienced business owners and entrepreneurs. Other guest entrepreneurs from around the country will participate to spark discussion.

What are the other modules? There’s more info here. We’ll move into opportunity analysis, business model generation and venture capital.